Getting Started

Learning Solidity

Without a doubt, the official documentation website is the most up-to-date and useful resource for learning Solidity. The language subtly changes fairly often, so being up-to-date is particularly valuable when working in this domain. Start from the first page and read to the last. It may take a while, but you will have a good understanding of Solidity by the end.

Initializing A Workspace

These are the commands to create a brand new project using dapp:

$ mkdir dapp-tutorial
$ cd dapp-tutorial
$ dapp init

You will see that dapp does a couple of things for you:

  1. Initializes a git repository if you don’t have one.
  2. Creates a Makefile for convenience.
name            dapp-tutorial
version         0.0.1

author          amilenius
license         Apache-2.0
  1. Installs a package called ds-test, which is used when testing your contracts. This package is installed in the lib folder.
  2. Creates a src directory and test.sol
  3. Runs a sanity test with dapp test. This causes the Test contract from test.sol to be built. The compiler’s output is put in the out directory.
  4. Commits the changes that were made.